One Off Events

Here are some of the Upcoming One Off Events soon to be held at Common Ground Bray. Members are welcome to approach the committee and suggest ideas for future projects…

Klinkerdin Arts Salon Presents

Plants in Concert

Saturday 10th June 2023

3pm to 10pm

The Loft at Common Ground Bray

Plants in Concert

A postcard garden by Klinkerdin Arts Salon & Edible Bray

Bord Bia Bloom Festival 2023

Plants in Concert is a collaboration between Klinkerdin Arts Salon and Edible Bray, a public trail of community gardens in Bray. Together they have created a horticultural sound art installation where we listen to plants’ internal movements. Plants gurgle, stretch and turn. We hear.

How can we hear this? One of the plants in the garden has sensors attached, which allows reading its electromagnetic impulses, like a heart monitor, with a midisprout gadget translating them into sound. The sounds have been programmed and finetuned by musician Ruaidhrí O’Sullivan. During Bord Bia Bloom Festival 2023, this plant music is streamed and accessible via a QR code.

Sound Artist and Musician Ruaidhri O’Sullivan has come together with Edible Bray , (who create edible community gardens around Bray for everyone to enjoy and eat from), and Klinkerdin Arts Salon to create an horticultural sound art installation called Plants in Concert. This piece premiered at BLOOM 2023 .

Plants take to a wooden stage. They play a syntheseizer via an interface from Spad Electronics which measures the electrical impulses of the plant triggering the choice of pitch and duration played. Ruaidhri has created unique and beautiful sounds for the plants to play. A day of events are taking place to celebrate this amazing project.

3pm : Set-Up takes place and you can see the tech and garden elements put together to create the installation.

4.30pm to 7.00pm : Spend time seeing , smelling and now hearing the music of the plants. Soak up the atmosphere.

7pm : Overview of Sound of Plants Project with Q and A

7.30pm to 8pm : Gardeners Question Time with Hugh Ryder and other Edible Bray Members

8pm : Plant healing demonstration with Eileen O’Sullivan – If you’d like to bring your own plant to heal and/or hook up to the device please bring it along.

8.30pm to 9.30pm : Artistic responses and musical Improvisation with the plants. A collaboration between local musicians and the plants.

9.30pm : Refreshments

Death Cafe – Sunday 11th of June

Contact : Jana at 0879538610

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