As with its various Classes, Courses and Events, Common Ground Bray is dedicated to both facilitating and organizing Workshops that promote its core principles of skill sharing, healthy living and an ecological lifestyle. Some of these workshops are free (with a small donation to CG). If the workshops are not free we try and keep them affordable to members. Members are welcome to approach the committee and suggest ideas for future Workshops…


WanTo Book / Make Payment for an Workshop at Common Ground Bray?

Please Note

Part of Common Ground’s ethos is to help  encourage people to invest in both physical and mental well being. As the great mindfulness teacher John Kabat Zinn pointed out – we must regain the balance in our lives (or homeostasis as he terms it) to bring us to full health. For that reason we invite practitioners to run classes in various therapies and disciplines that support a healthy lifestyle.

Common Ground also seeks to support those using our space to earn something from their skills by providing our rooms at a reasonable fee.  However an emphasis is put on providing Events/Workshops/Classes at competitive rates to Common Ground members. Free skill sharing events are also encouraged.