Meet us at the Common Ground Room, Beverly Studios, Church Terrace, Bray, County Wicklow. We are located here… at the END of Church Terrace!

We run workshops, meetings and our Monthly Market at the Common Ground Building located in the old Beverly Bags factory at the heart of Bray. Check our calendar for events but also feel free to use the room for a small fee (see fees here) or suggest a workshop or project – we hope to hear from you or meet you there soon…

Did you know?…We are located in a very interesting building which started as a granary store for the brewery in the maltings in the 19th century and was converted in the 1940s into offices for the famous Beverly Bags factory. This closed in the early 1990s and the building is now home to a collection of Artists, crafts people and of course Common Ground!

If you’re interested in its history, here’s a link to an article in the Irish Times about the building

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