Balfolk Bray

7pm to 9.00pm – The Loft – On the Following Fridays…

Feel free to contact Serena for further details : 0851802366

Do you Like Dancing?

Well, Have you heard of Balfolk?

It’s super fun and definitely worth checking out!

Instructions are Provided during the Session (based on level of interest of participants) to facilitate the learning experience, connection within the group and enjoyment of everyone.

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Balfolk is now an International Movement that has gained popularity in recent decades as people have rediscovered and modernized popular dance and music traditions. 

The repertoire is really broad, from France to the Balkans, coming from specific regions and cultures, so that you’ll find your favorite dance! 

There are couple dances with or without physical contact, chain or line dances, circle dances and mixers that allow you to change partners and get to know other dancers. 

The Balfolk community is made up of friendly local groups of dancers all over Europe. You can meet them at local events, in Dublin too, spontaneous street gatherings, dance classes from teachers and peers, live music concerts, and international festivals. 

Please note that in the Balfolk community spirit, classes are offered for free, but we do encourage a suggested donation of 5 euros. 

Your Support is greatly appreciated in helping us maintain our Activities.

Photos by Diego Cantore