Traditional Kung Fu with Gregory

Every Thursday Evening – 6pm to 7.30pm – The Loft

Self Defense – Tradition – Wellbeing

Open to all ages.

Contact Gregory Chiesa (Senior Instructor) at 0831897736 with any queries.

BaGuaZhang Gong Fu (Kung Fu) is a Chinese martial art, profound and traditional, that combines the effectiveness in combat with improvements in physical health and the study of ancient Chinese philosophies. The “Palm of the eight Trigrams” (BaGuaZhang literally) is considered in China an authentic treasure of Eastern culture. The style was transmitted us from the founder Dong HaiChuan (1797-1882) to Grandmaster Zhang DuGan; Traditional BaGuaZhang School has developed a clear and progressive teaching that allows the development of flexibility and fighting ability for which the BaGuaZhang Kung Fu is renowned.

First, a progressive teaching of fighting techniques and personal defense. Second, the study of exercises for wellness and the circle walking, which makes this style famous all over the world. Third, the practice of traditional forms with bare hands, with weapons and the exercises of the “eight animals”: Dragon, snake, tiger, swallow, horse, eagle, phoenix and monkey. Fourth, the theories and traditional philosophies upon which the style is founded.

Its peculiar fighting technique (Chuan Zhang) strengthens the joints, up to the point that it is also used as an effective method of physical rehabilitation.

In contrast to most other martial arts, the growth of our style is qualitative instead of quantitative. Ba Gua Zhang is recommended for people of all ages, beginners and teachers of other martial arts. By no accident, it is often chosen by masters of other styles who want to go beyond their experience.

Gregory Chiesa is a certified Senior Instructor of the Traditional BaGuaZhang School, teaching in the Dublin and Bray area and in Canada since 2014.