CGB Affiliates & Offshoots

Common Ground Bray often functions as a catalyst. It is a generator of projects, a meeting place where projects start and take off. These are some of its offshoots.

Edible Bray

Edible Bray regularly tends to a trail of edible gardens planted across Bray, open to all to grow and harvest.

Common Ground Community-Led Housing

A group of Common Ground members are working towards our vision of a new paradigm for housing, living and working in Ireland. We envisage a housing solution which meets peoples’ fundamental needs for a safe home, to belong in a community, and to secure both of these needs for future generations.

We want to design, build and enliven an inclusive and inspirational neighborhood rooted in the principles of attainability, low environmental impact and supportive community life.

Klinkerdin Arts Salon is a regular art showcase where different artists present their latest work to their peers and other audience, from poetry to visual arts to live performance.