Volunteering at Common Ground

Common Ground is entirely run by volunteers. The members who process your food order, look after the Edible Bray flowerbeds, clean and maintain the Common Ground building, and help out in a hundred other different ways, are all volunteers who give their time freely because they believe in the positive aims of Common Ground: to create a community of people focussed on friendly co-operation, sustainable living, and skills sharing.

In order to maintain Common Ground as a flourishing and positive aspect of the Bray community we ask every member to give at least an hour of their time (more if you can manage it!) each month. Giving this time will help keep Common Ground running, and will also give you the benefit of a richer and deeper involvement in our community!

We have a wide variety of one-off and regular volunteering opportunities – please click on the links below to sign up!

Host a Talk or Workshop to Share your Skills

Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

One of the core values of Common Ground is that of Knowledge and Skills Sharing As such, we are always looking for people who have a skill or knowledge that they are prepared to share with others! Common Ground is looking for: – An organiser who can liase with the members and invite them to…Find Out More

Join the Cleaning Team

Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Keeping the Common Ground building clean is an on-going task! Help is required as follows: – Co-ordinator role arranging a poll to co-ordinate cleaning activities – Sweeping floors, kitchen, loft and basement – General cleaning up in kitchen, clearing sinks, washing any dishes and put them away, cleaning shelves, windowsills, table, walls etc. – Checking…Find Out More

Join the Maintenance Team

Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

The Common Ground Building needs on-going maintenance. Join up to help keep it maintained and usable. Activities involve: – A co-ordinator to organize the team and call out to all members for big jobs. – Volunteers to meet once a month to sort ongoing maintenance, clean-ups, painting etc, and clear-up specific areas. By signing up…Find Out More

Become a Daytime Host at Common Ground

Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Common Ground needs volunteers to be in CG for any morning/afternoon to welcome new members, share our ethos, offer teas and coffees and guide people around the building. Volunteering as a Daytime Host would mean making yourself available in the Common Ground building (where you would be free to get on with your own work…Find Out More

Join the Edible Bray Team

When: Periodically - occasional Saturdays or evenings, depending on team availability Where: The Edible Bray spaces at various locations around Bray Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Volunteers are needed to help maintain the various Edible Bray spaces around Bray: Roles needed are: – Co-ordinators to help organize gardening and maintenance meet-ups – At least 5 or 6 committed volunteers to meet up every few weeks throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. The main activities involved are Weeding, Planting and Watering at venues…Find Out More

Frost Fair Co-Ordination Team

When: From now, leading up to the event on December 2nd Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Join the Frost-Fair 2018 Co-Ordination Team This one’s important – we need to start work on this soon – the Frost Fair is to be held on Sunday December 2nd, and there is lots to organise! We Need: – Co-ordinator – 6 volunteers Work involved: – Invite members to take a stall – Plan allocation…Find Out More

Join the Wholefood order team

When: At various points across each month Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Volunteers are needed every month to carry out a number of important tasks relating to the food order: Roles: 1. Sending out the request for orders, sending out spreadsheets as requested. 2. Process the spreadsheet 3.Helping unload order – usually on the Monday before the Market day 4. Helping sort order when it arrives on…Find Out More

Join the Market Day team

When: Usually on the last Saturday of each month Where: Common Ground Building Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

The Market Day is one of the main events for Common Ground members to meet up, collect their food orders, and socialize with each other. A number of people are needed each month to help the day run smoothly: – A Co-ordinator for the event to take overal responsibility and liaise with members to encourage…Find Out More