Come along to the next Common Ground Repair Café at the April Market, on Saturday 24th November

from 1pm to 4pm

We will have experts on hand to repair and advise on a variety of items – see below for details.

Got something you’re thinking of bringing along? If you want you can post a photo with a description on Instagram, tagged with #RepairCafeBray, or send a message to the Common Ground Facebook Group, a day or two beforehand, and we can advise whether it should be possible to get it fixed at the café. But don’t worry if you haven’t done this – bring your items along and we’ll do our best to fix them!

Repair Café Bray is a neighbourhood initiative, hosted by Common Ground, that promotes repair as an alternative to throwing things away. We held several Repair Cafés since 2017, and are getting ready to hold the next one on 24th November. Residents of Bray (and beyond!) can bring their broken items to fix them on the spot with the help of voluntary repairers.

How Does It Work?

  • If you have things at home that need repairing, bring them along on Saturday 24th November, and our panel of Repair Experts will try to help you fix them.
  • Where possible, our experts will try to help you fix the item yourself, so that you come away not just with your possession fixed, but also having learned how to do the repair yourself. However, the repair expert will help as much or as little as your need, so they will be able to do complicated repairs for you!
  • All repairs are donation based: bring your broken things along, and we’ll try our best to help you get them fixed; in return we ask for a donation to Common Ground – the donation amount is up to you!

What Repairs Can We Offer?

We are hoping to have the following repairer stations available:

  • Woodwork and Furniture
  • General Household Repairs
  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Computer software (problems with Windows, email etc)
  • Jewellery
  • Knife Sharpening

We are also planning to hold bicycle puncture repair workshops throughout the day – so if you have a bike sitting around with a flat tyre, come along and learn how to repair it and get yourself back on the road. There’s no need to bring your bike, if you don’t want to, as we’ll have a demo bike for you to practice on!
Please note: we are currently unable to offer help with the repair of electrical and electronic items, but this is something that we hope to be able to do in the future.

Can I Get Involved / Volunteer?

Yes! We are always looking for people with repair skills to help out, and also people to help with publicity and the running of the café on the day. If you are interested, please contact us at repaircafebray@outlook.ie

Want to know more about the Repair Café? Look at the international website: https://repaircafe.org