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Price: €15 per individual and  €20 for family

What do you get for your membership?

  • Access to a monthly whole foods catalogue and order form allowing you to bulk buy from a range of nearly 15,000 items.
  • Free or affordable workshops and events at the Common Ground rooms located in the heart of Bray.
  • Become part of a network of people sharing information and skills that support a ecological and ethical approach to living.
  • Weekly updates and mail outs with information about Common Ground and relevant events around Bray, South Dublin and North Wicklow.
  • A community garden and Edible Bray planting project based at the recycling centre in Bray.

Membership is renewed at the end of February every year.

New Members can sign up in two easy steps:

  1. Register your details HERE. (please do this first, to make sure you get your welcome email)
  2. Pay by Bank Transfer HERE

Existing Members can pay by Bank Transfer HERE